The Yak is rare, Black Yak Digital is rare but not all rare things have to be costly.

We deliver quality and passion without the boutique price tag.

Sick of paying a % of base salary? Is it really more expensive to find an employee on £40k than on a £20k salary? Why should you pay double the fee?

Annual package £12,000 for 3 placements of candidates within the £20k-£40k salary brackets

  • Initial Retention (up front)


    This gets you a dedicated Talent Manager assigned to you from day 1

  • 1st Placement


    Payable after the 1st placement has been made

  • 2nd Placement


    Payable after the 2nd placement has been made

  • 3rd Placement


    (this can be rolled over to the following year where applicable)


Let us take the burden off your next hires and make it an enjoyable experience where we assist in the long term growth of your organisation.

Quality can come at a price, but with Black Yak our aim is to deliver quality, consistency, ease and expertise all at a cost that works for you throughout your company recruitment needs, not just for 1 hire.

Working to this fee structure and paying a nominal up front retention amount, you tap into the expertise and commitment from your own dedicated Talent Manager.

We will work with you every step of the way and even work from your offices 1 day per month to give the feel of an in-house recruiter.

Enhanced packages can be discussed and added on for candidates on larger salaries or if your recruitment needs exceed 3 hires per year.

Black Yak wants to partner with your organisation so your recruitment no longer becomes a headache where you have to hunt around for the best service at the right price.

Our aim is to take that pain away just as if you had an in-house recruiter.  We understand you have enough hurdles in business – recruitment shouldn’t be one of them.

Why not consider a retained, dedicated partner solution for a fixed annual price. One less burden in your busy digital world.

Contact us now to see how Black Yak Digital can steer you to new heights with your digital talent acquisition.