About Us


plural noun:

  • Native to Tibet (a bit like our owner)
  • Expert at treading uncharted territory (a bit like our owner)
  • Helps people scale new summits (a bit like our owner)
  • Takes the heavy load and burden to enable you to reach new heights ( a bit like our owner and dedicated Talent Managers)

Black Yak Digital is a specialist in digital talent acquisition that has evolved from years spent both in the recruitment and digital marketing sectors.  We have worked with individuals on both sides and fully understand the unique world of both digital and recruitment and how they can co-exist together.

It became increasingly apparent that recruitment agencies just don’t ‘get’ digital marketing and the plethora of different roles that exist within this ever changing sector.

It also became increasingly apparent that digital agencies and companies have a distinct distaste for recruitment agencies that simply don’t understand their needs, industry and job roles.

Digital talent acquisition and recruitment is not just a tick box or keyword matching exercise.

Those that understand the industry live and breathe online digital marketing. We are a different breed, unique and rare. This is how Black Yak Digital was born. Rare, unique and a different breed that speaks the same language and ‘gets it’!

We thought what if we:
  • Worked with Digital organisations as business partners?
  • Fully understood the reasons for expansion, recruitment, how best to grow and maintain the business.
  • Were able to offer expert industry advice.
  • Had connections from within the industry
  • Offer expertise in a digital sector
  • Have knowledge of competitors

This would be a far better solution for all digital clients and would actually aid their business.

Wouldn’t this be more valuable than an agency that just understands recruitment?